Dark Chocolate Bars

Here's a list of some favourites;

Background Acknowledgements

This list is being constantly updated, as I've still a huge number of bars to put on here. Keep checking this page!

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The reason why only unalloyed dark chocolates are listed is because we decided that comparing (say) mint with orange was not possible. So we avoided the issue by sticking with plain bars. That doesn't mean that flavoured bars aren't as good, merely that comparing them isn't feasible.

For a list of flavoured bars, click here.


A large number of people have formed ad hoc tasting groups, and others have helped by bringing back bars from their travels. Amongst these are (in no particular order);

Deema Kaneff, Simon Watt, Emma Rushton & Kendal Broadie, my mum & dad, my brother Owain, John Biggs, Sharron Fellows, Guy Larri, Graham & Marie Mullier, Mike Muller, Eddie Ashfield, Jacquetta & Pete Clarke, Kathy & James Dixon, Erika Hornby, Rosie Rush, Maddy & Richard, Jeremy Morgan, Allen Baum, Paivi Saarikko, Adrienne Sharman, Brian Cockburn, Tim & Dolores Minshull, Neil Raine, Ali Condliffe, Aggy Finn, AJ Stephenson, Tony Breen, James Bryant, Hannah & John, Hazel Hunter, Paul Suttee and many more.