Folk Dancing

There are a large number of folk dancing societies in Cambridge.

I go to The Round on Thursday evenings for English dancing. Also the Cambridge University Strathspey & Reel Club. This is affiliated to the RSCDS and is concerned with Scottish set dancing, rather than the more balletic and display-oriented Highland dance. It meets every Monday night during term time from 7:15 to 10:00.

Then there's the Cambridge Contra Club, which meets every other Friday from 8:00pm to 10:30pm for American Contra dancing. One of the features of this group is live music and this is the only club I go to where it has always been live. I call for this group occasionally. Spikey Molly

I've been a regular Molly dancer since 1998, and thoroughly enjoy it!

On the last Wednesday in every month there's French dancing, starting at 8:00pm until about 10:30. On the first Wednesday of every month there's Irish dancing.

Occasionally I go to the Cambridge Scottish Society on Thursdays which meets at the Carpenter Hall at 8:00pm. More rarely yet, I have been to the "Cambridge International Club" on Monday nights (except bank holidays) from 8:30pm 'til 10:30 at the Gibson Hall, St. Columba's Church, Downing Place (off Downing Street). Contact Pat Schicker on 01223 364557 or Mike Gilbert on 425648 or just turn up.

I've been to a number of folk festivals in the past, IVFDF in late February/early March, Chippenham in late May, Sidmouth which lasted for a week at the start of August, and was my favourite as well as Towersey in late August.

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Jam label

Jam and Chutney making

Ali Finn, Naomi and I often make jam, marmalade and chutneys. Our label is "JBJ", standing for "Jesus Boot Jamming", because we often make jam in the summer(!)

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Chocolate tasting

Ali Finn and I are slowly compiling a list of all the dark chocolate bars in the world. We've over 400 in the database so far, and this list grows every month.

I've scanned in the packaging for each bar, and together with various friends selected on an ad hoc basis we've created tasting notes for each bar, with ratings for snap, texture, sweetness and taste. From these ratings we generate an overall percentage for each bar, the higher the better. We also note the availability and price where possible.

Here is a list of my favourite chocolate bars from around the world.
French & Belgian Chocolate Bars
British Chocolate Bars
American Chocolate Bars
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